The Curriculum and its Influences…

I think that curricula is developed through a combined effort of diverse professionals that propose what they think is important for students to learn. This is then analysed and worked through to come to a consensus of information that we believe, as a society, is valuable and essential for our people to learn.

Curriculum and education are both very political. We are undeniably under the influence of our political figures, which carry heavy influence on what we decide is important in our communities. Not only does politics and policy effect what we teach, but it also effects how we teach. As educators, professional policy holds us to a standard of action and teaching.

It is unbeknownst to me why our teaching faculty and students do not have more influence in our curricula. If students are the people that are most highly affected by the curriculum, why shouldn’t they have say in what they are learning? I believe that teachers and students should be large contributors of how the curriculum is formed. We are creating this document to teach our youth, so why shouldn’t they take part in what they are learning? It worries me that certain parties of people can have such a large impact on our education. Education is the foundation for what we have to impact our quality of life. So, what is the determining factor on who has say in our education? Do people who have our educations best intentions at mind influential? Or are our political figures with agendas influential? What about our textbook companies? Those that hold shares of money? It becomes problematic to be, when the reasons for our change is due to factors such as these, rather than what is needed and what is required.


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